Emotional Freedom Technique

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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to get rid of emotional baggage? Are anxiety and fears holding you back? Perhaps you just want to reduce your stress levels? Or are you wondering what EFT and is all about and how it works?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) is an efficient way of dealing with negative emotions. Tapping can be described as a form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture and neuro-linguistic programming.

It works through tapping on certain meridian points, to disconnect negative emotions and responses from (traumatic) events, changing the way we feel and react regarding these events. In other words, you still remember the event, but your emotional response to the event has changed.

It doesn’t need to be a major traumatic event to cause us negative emotions. Sometimes as a child, you might have picked up on a message, that with your limited knowledge of the world, at that point became a truth for you. You are not good at… You are not pretty…. You are not good enough….

This is an amazing gentle way to deal with negative emotions and overcome limiting beliefs holding you back personally and professionally.

EFT or tapping is also known as a self-help technique that promotes, not just physical and emotional healing, but also psychological. It helps people to clear their minds, to focus their attention to detail, and to improve their attitude and perspective. One good thing about EFT or tapping is that it can be done quickly anywhere at any time and can provide immediate relief without the support of any medications and supplements.

Study shows that people who are practicing EFT or tapping techniques help them to experience the following healing benefits:

  • Helping to cope with depression, fears, anxiety and stress
  • Helping to deal with anger management, weight loss issues and eating disorders
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Improving athletic and academic performances
  • Boosting energy levels and self-esteem

EFT is an evidence-based practice for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobia, grief and loss, and may promote recovery from physical injuries, alcoholism, addiction, as well as improve the overall well-being of people who are struggling with illness. It is truly wonderful how EFT can positively transform our lives in so many ways.

While self-treatment with EFT or tapping may help some people better, it is also important to seek professional help for physical pain, mental health or emotional issues.

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Why wait to feel great?

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